AESECT – “Buried in The Undergrowth” [Review]

Many EP’s take a few listens until you appreciate what a band is capable of, and while some go down well others are a lot harder to digest. In the case of “Buried in the Undergrowth” there is no fear of doubting that you are about to experience something both raw and innovative. Getting down to business right away the first track “Baal” displays many facets of the band, super powered aggressive vocals and hard hitting instruments. Frontman Shane Kiernan sounds like he is being stabbed to death as he screams and the guitars hit with deadly machine gun precision. Second track “Snipe The Lamb” charges forward pounding your ears and crushing your bones with no drop in pace of ferocity. The production sounds heavy, frantic yet controlled, none of the instruments drown out or suffocate the other, and the back-and-forth comes at such breakneck speed that it will give you whiplash.

Title track “Buried in the Undergrowth” relentlessly thumps along with some of the best vocals and lyrics of the whole EP, the intensity level being kept to an absolute maximum. Second last track “Bite The Curb” is more rapid and furious as ever, non stop in the assault the musicianship is tight and lightening fast. The EP closes with the bands recently released “The God Delusion”, another top quality track the guitar work is technically brutal and epic. AeSect seem to play at three speeds throughout the five tracks contained on the EP, fast, faster and fastest, and the vocals though guttural are varied and uncompromising with the focus held firmly on producing some of the best larynx ripping Metal going. Buried in the Undergrowth is one of the best Metal EP’s we have heard this year, and with such high quality production work and devastatingly brilliant vocals the only place AeSect can go from here is up.

Click [here] to listen to the EP in its entirety | SSM: AeSect Pictures

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