DICHOTOMY – “Paradigms” [Review]

Addictive riffs and a seriously dark atmosphere are one of the first things that await listeners to Dichotomy’s debut album “Paradigms”. The band hailing from Dublin use technical and catchy Death Metal styles that serve to form something organic and brutal that never fails to deliver in both heaviness and professionalism. Each track is amazing to say the least with a healthy dose of variety to keep the listener interested and coming back for more. The atmosphere the album generates is simply epic, and the guitar work pulsates and stomps with infectious riffs and fast paced grooves.


On first listen it’s the guitar and drum work that instantly grabs you by the scruff of the neck and shakes you uncontrollably, the lyrics while aggressive and guttural can be a little hard to follow at first but only at first. Once you get fully engrossed by the expert instrumental work the lyrical and vocal talent will soon follow and when it does the whole evil ensemble gushes appeal as stereotypes are transcended and full metallic brutality takes hold. One of the tracks that stands out the most in terms of metallic structure and musicianship would be “All Seeing Eye”, the vocals are guttural in the best way possible and the guitars maintain a strong balance between crunchy Slayer-esque Thrash and early Soilwork Death Metal. The hits keep coming with the likes of “No Catharsis” and the superb “The Sentient, Oppressed” drawing you in even further.

There are many moments in Death Metal where you can effectively royally bol@#x up a track yet Dichotomy have seemed to soar high above those pitfalls to construct something with enough blistering speed and force behind it that you can’t help but get swept up. One example would be the inclusion of dialogue from American Psycho in the fifth track “No Catharsis”, other bands have mixed in similar audio and it only served to drive nails into the tracks validity – not the case with Paradigms. Each track serves as a technically furious passage that never fails to show off the bands best traits, controlled insanity at its best. The album launches on the 2nd of March in the Pint, Eden Quay and a sample can be heard on the link below.

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