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Betsy Devos Expressing Qualities of an Influential Leader

Betsy Devos is well known in the US for her passion for education. Betsy and his husband, Dick Devos, in 1989 formed a foundation known as the Dick & Betsy Devos Foundation which primarily supports five critical areas which are education, arts, community, justice, and leadership. I am impressed to know that the organization has benefited many people.


I have also found out that from 1999 to 2014, through the Dick & Betsy Foundation, Betsy has contributed a total of at least $ 59.7 million to public schools and $ 8.6 million to private schools. For example, $ 2.39 million was donated to Grand Rapids Christian High school, $ 652, 000 to the Ada Christian School, $315,000 to West Michigan Aviation Academy and $200,000 to Northwood University in Midland among others.


Moreover, in the art sector, Betsy has done a lot to deliver high-end services. With the support of her son, Rick Devos, Betsy organized an international art competition known as ArtPrize in 2009. The event was successful as Betsy brought together many organizations to sponsor it with Dick & Betsy Foundation contributing $ 3.5 million which helped the competition inspire many artists from all over the world.


Recently the Betsy & Dick Foundation donated a sum of $ 11.6 million to different organizations in 2015. This donation led to the organization being listed by Forbes among the top 25 American top givers as it raised their lifetime contributions to a total of $ 139 million. Some of the foundations that Betsy has worked so hard to see them benefit from the foundation are Right to Life Michigan Educational Fund, Institute for Justice, Baptist for Life and Michigan’s Pregnancy Resource Center among others.


Mrs. Devos was born in Holland, Michigan in January 1958 as Elisabeth Prince. She was a student at Holland Christian High School and then after having a good performance entered Calvin College in Grand Rapids where she earned a BA degree specialized in Business Economics. She is a politician who serves as the 11th and the incumbent United States Secretary of Education. Moreover, Betsy is an entrepreneur, educational activist, and a philanthropist.


As a politician, she is famous as a strong woman. From 1992 to 1997 she was an active politician serving as the Republican National Committeewoman. Later from 1996 to 2000, she worked as the chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party and was subsequently re-elected to the position in 2003.


Betsy Devos serves as the chairperson of many organizations like the Alliance for School Choice and the Foundation for Excellence in Education and many others. Betsy as an educational activists advocates for introduction of charter schools, voucher programs in private schools and school choice. Betsy Devos is passionate that education quality will improve to fulfill a complete American dream for a child.


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