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Kate Hudson And Fabletics: Creating Beautiful Clothing That Empowers Women

Actress Kate Hudson has collaborated with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler of the TechStyle Fashion Group to create Fabletics, an online subscription fashion company. Fabletics offers a unique type of comfortable, stylish, high-quality, reasonably-priced, versatile clothing called athleisure. The Fabletics brand has been a runaway success. Since its founding in 2013, it has generated over $250 million in sales, has millions of subscribers around the world and brick and mortar stores in several large cities.


The success of Fabletics is based on several important factors. One of them is the company’s effective use of the reverse showroom technique. This enables potential customers to see the clothing Fabletics offers by visiting their website and receiving regular digital missives from the company showing new styles that are recommended each month. Customers can purchase the items online or pick them up at a Fabletics brick and mortar store. Fabletics members can also vote on what items should be carried in the brick and mortar stores. That has also led to a significant uptick in sales.


The marketing efforts of Kate Hudson and her ability to promote Fabletics as a brand that inspires and empowers women of all sizes, shapes and ages helps. Kate Hudson with her girl-next-door good looks and healthy, active lifestyle has proven to be an ideal spokesperson for the Fabletics brand. She makes being strong and physically fit look sexy and she encourages women to use the beautiful, comfortable, affordable, clothing Fabletics offers to be the best they can be. And it’s easy to believe that Kate Hudson would actually wear Fabletics clothing as she goes about her daily activities.


The company’s data-driven approach is another reason Fabletics has quickly become a success. They include customer online reviews as a prominent part of their advertising efforts. The Fabletics team also maintains and encourages open dialogue with their customers and is very responsive to their desires. Fabletics is also very active on a wide range of social media platforms soliciting and responding to the questions and concerns of customers and people interested in the brand. The team at Fabletics uses all the high-tech tools at their disposal to reach out to their customer base.


Fabletics is able to better satisfy their customers is through the use of the Lifestyle Quiz customers are encouraged to take. This quiz helps people to see what type of Fabletics gear is suited to their needs.