Madison Street Capital Helping Businesses Make insightful Investment Decisions

The business world is increasingly becoming complex, uncertain, volatile, and ambiguous. And the best ways to deal with these challenges are twofold: you can either choose to ignore them, leaving your business to perish, or you can study them, embrace them, understand them, and respond accordingly. Madison Street Capital (MSC) has been in the forefront in helping companies accomplish the latter.


The company has earned its reputation by helping a wide range of well-known businesses make insightful investment decisions:


Obtaining CreditMerger AssistanceInvestment ProjectsLine of CreditAwards and RecognitionsAbout Madison Street Capital

  • Obtaining Credit: Madison helped Vital Care Industries, an Illinois-based medical products manufacturer choose a lender and acquire a valuable commercial loan in 2014.
  • Merger Assistance: Madison facilitated the DCG Software Value’s merger with the Spitfire Group by providing wise financial advice on the various transactions involving the two companies.
  • Investment Projects: Madison also served as the main advisor for the ARES Security Corporation in a high-end investment transaction involving subordinated debts and recapitalization. Madison has also worked with WLR Automotive Group on a sale-leaseback transaction valued at 13 million dollars.
  • Line of Credit: Madison is reputed for arranging Maintenance System Management’s financing. The cleaning and upkeep company’s president complimented Madison for promptly meeting their financing needs.
  • Awards and Recognitions: Madison Street Capital reputation has also been honored by several awards. In 2016, for instance, the company was named as the M &A Advisor finalist. The award is given to companies that have set remarkable acquisition, financing, and restructuring deals. MSC’s co-founder, Anthony Marsala was also selected for the 2015 National Association of Certified Valuators’ 40 under Forty award. Additionally, MSC won the 2017 Turnaround Award.



With offices in North America, Africa, and Asia, the Chicago-based Madison Street Capital is a giant financial advisory services provider. The company offers valuation services, advisory on acquisitions and mergers, reorganization, capital restructuring, and buyouts. In addition, the company offers financial opinion to public as well as private business institutions among other services.


Through the United Ways of the Midwest and South Disaster, Madison Street Capital is actively involved in philanthropic activities. They include providing food and shelter assistance to people in emergency situations. In addition, the company supports efforts to provide educational assistance, financial stability recovery and health services to people who have been affected by disasters. It also encourages its clients and followers to the same (on their website).