Roberto Santiago Builds Two Top Shopping Malls in Brazil

Roberto Santiago is a popular and very successful businessman in Brazil. He was born on 16th July 1958, and he grew up in Brazil, in the city of Joao Pessoa. He began his entrepreneurial journey while working at a cartonnage company manufacturing cardboard folding cartons. He started out blogging about the history of his country before expanding his operations to film production and eventually entrepreneurship.


Roberto Santiago has been interested in business since he was a teenager. The fifty-six-year-old is respected for his successful track record in business. Roberto Santiago bought land in 1989 in Joao Pessoa and developed the Manaira Shopping Mall. He used the money he raised from working at a café to invest in the real estate sector. Roberto Santiago went to Pio X Marist College where he studied Bachelors in Business Administration at the University Centre of Joao Pessoa.


Manaira Mall is one of the largest in the Brazilian state. Its construction began in 1987. The mall features food courts, a theatre, banks, gaming areas, and a college. The mall is a suitable place to visit for all age groups since there is something captivating for all of them. Within the last twenty years, Roberto Santiago has developed Manira Shopping Mall into a shopping area that attracts people for great food, entertainment, and shopping. The entertainment area features a movie theatre that has the 3D technology and a bowling alley that is equipped with electronic toys. The shopping stores have the latest furniture, books, and jewelry and there is also a fitness center. He has given back to the community through the mall by creating for the residents a cultural experience. The mall meets the international standards and has parking space for up to 3,180 vehicles. The mall, which is strategically located at the center of Joao Pessoa, is a one-stop shop for many customers and is an easily accessible location for the urban dwellers.


Another unique feature of the mall is Domus Hall which is located on the terrace of the mall. The multipurpose auditorium is used for hosting different events like birthday parties, seminars, musical events, and weddings. The auditorium accommodates up to eight thousand people and is fitted with modern equipment. The mall also has a customer service department which is responsive to customer concerns and feedback with the aim of ensuring all customers are satisfied.


Roberto Santiago has constructed a second shopping mall; Mangeira which was launched in 2013. The two shopping malls have improved the social and economic status of the Joao Pessoa. The presence of the two malls has resulted in many businesses relocating to the city. Despite the economic crisis witnessed in 2015, the malls withstood the test. The malls have created more than one million employment opportunities for Brazilians.


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